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Kauri Ridge Methode Traditionelle 2012

Methode Traditionelle Blanc de Blanc is made the traditional 'Champagne' style, but can not be called 'Champagne' as the wine is not from that paticular area in France.
The long process of making a Methode starts with the first firmentation in the tank or barrel after which the wine is bottled and a second firmentation activated inside the bottle by adding more yeast and sugar.
The bottles are placed in riddling racks where the bottles are turned each day; this process takes approximately 18 months in which the fantastic flavours and fine delicate bubbles of a true Methode is born.
We've used Chardonnay grapes to make this Methode which is very traditional; Blanc de Blanc means 'White of white' in which only white grapes are used to make this wine.
This Blanc de Blanc carries delicate green apple, slight butter with mineral tones; it's fine finesse sparkle leaves a slight zesty finish which is both refreshing and satisfying.

Sold in 6 bottle boxes.

Our price per bottle: $34.99
Our price per case: $180.00 (per bottle $15.00)

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